YPCO / Lourdes



Lourdes Lobede studied Pedagogy in Spain. Her thirst for learning about her multicultural roots, took her to travel across more than 35 countries on 4 continents. During this journey she discovered the human principles that motivate talent. Her passion is therefore: “manage and develop talent in all its shapes and forms”. After 18 years as global HR Manager in the private sector, she started her own consultancy firm. HR Lands helps organizations, leaders and HR professionals to create an environment where talent from different backgrounds with different cultures feel safe and can outperform themselves.  

“For many years my clients have been asking me how do you communicate so well at different levels in different environments? My answer is simple: by treating people as humans. If you understand what motivates a person to perform, you’ll be able to lead him or her to success.

Millennials are the representation of yet a different way to think and understand life. It will be fun to crack the millennials performance code with YPCO!

Wat doet YPCO?

YPCO ontwikkelt unieke games om generaties met elkaar te laten samenwerken.

De huidige jonge generatie staat bekend als koppig en eigenwijs, maar vooral ook als ongeduldig. Dat leidt tot het gevreesde jobhoppen.
Zij maken wel graag deel uit van een team, houden niet van hiërarchie en zijn mondig genoeg om kritiek te uiten. Als je hier goed op inspeelt maken deze eigenschappen de organisatie innovatief en aantrekkelijk.